Andy Fidel

Spatial Network Evangelist

Andy Fidel creates social experiences for remote communities. Founder of #GetSocial, a digital network for emerging technology enthusiasts and creators. Our team has produced over 700 events across the multiverse with the aim to engage people in future conversations. We host fireside chats, summits, conference extensions, and experiential hangouts for community and enterprise. Making local conversations, global discussions.

Andy studies the impact of VR/AR on digital communications and what the future holds for human connection. Exploring the social side of immersive reality.

Hosting weekly chats on:
- what does it mean to have a virtual identity?
- new collaborative tools for remote teams
- how do we find each other in the multiverse?
- today’s need for virtual education and connected learning
- how do we make this more accessible?

She has collaborated with AltspaceVR by Microsoft, WXR Fund, Verizon 5G Labs, VRScout, YouTube VR Creator Lab, Educators in VR, and communities at large across the multiverse.

11:30 am - 12:00 pm CET - Keynote - Auditorium A

Friday 4th Dec

Future of digital communications - Exploring the Social Side of Immersive Reality

The way we connect and communicate is rapidly evolving. With the rise of spatial networks, what does it mean to have a virtual identity? What do you want yours to be? Our social life is changing as shared experiences take center stage in our new digital reality. Join us for a conversation on virtual events, the future of social media, and how immersive reality will impact our social experiences.


2:00 - 2:30 pm CET - Panel - Auditorium A

Friday 4th Dec

Design communication campaigns with XR technologies

Moderator: Gaetan Cerillo

In today's ocean of content, AR and VR experiences are designed to be memorable. How to create this experience for your brand? From designing to publishing an experience and its value on social media, we will talk about everything you need to know to be part of the movement!