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Raffaella Camera

Advisor @The WXR Venture Fund

Jason Lovell

Head of Strategy, VR/AR @PwC

Jennifer Ren

VR/AR Strategy @PwC

Lucas Rizzotto

Mad scientist

Soraya Jaber

CEO and co-founder @Minsar

Andy Fidel

Spatial Network Evangelist

Elizabeth Baron

Enterprise Solutions Executive @Unity Technologies

Othman Chiheb

Product Marketing Lead | Mixed Reality - HoloLens @Microsoft

Marco DeMiroz

Co-founder and General Partner @The Venture Reality Fund

Amy Hedrick

CEO and Co-Founder @Cleanbox Technology

Robert Scoble

Author of four books on technology — latest on Spatial Computing (AR/VR/AI)

Amy Peck

Founder & CEO @EndeavorXR

Olivier Godest

CEO @Virtuality

Joanna Popper

Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment @HP

Petri Rajahalme

Managing Director @Nordic XR Startups

Olivia Charnet

Account Manager @BackLight

Clément Merville

CEO @Manzalab

Gabrielle Roque

Graphic designer and artist-engraver

Esteban Lecoq

Founder @ AΦE

Fabrice Barbin

Founder and General manager @Synergiz

Valentina Redondo

Marketing and international business development manager @Virtuality

Bertrand Wolff

Co-Founder @Le Pavillon

Jean Christophe Sakdavong

Lecturer @Toulouse University, France and Researcher at CLLE laboratory (CNRS)

Abla Benmiloud-Faucher

Head of Strategy and Digital at Centre des monuments nationaux

Valentin Ducros

XR | Multimedia Futurist | Technology & Culture Evangelist

Oriane Hurard

Producer @Les Produits Frais

Ben Costantini

CEO @Startup Sesame

Wendy Moore

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) @Healium

Dave Haynes

Director of Developer Ecosystem & Vive X, EMEA @HTC Vive

Lance G. Powell Jr

VR Researcher @Bahcesehir University

Tom Ffiske

Editor @Virtual Perceptions and @ the Immersive Wire

Corinne Linder

Creative Director @Fheel Concepts

Francois Klein

CEO @Digital Rise

Jérémy Pouilloux

Associate producer @La Générale de Production

Bernard Riera

Professeur des Universités @ University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Julien Dubuc

Member @INVIVO

Anastasia Pash

Fonder and CEO @Globetrotter VR and Ambassador @Women in Immersive Tech

Gabriel Antonio Giandinoto

Advisor in Location based Entertainment (LBE) and curator @Latin XR Festivals and Markets

Rémi Guittet

Attaché audiovisuel régional @French Embassy of Argentina

Fabien Siouffi

CEO @Fabbula

Teddy Aymard

Producer and interactive designer @Le bureau des curiosités

Stéphane Adamiak

Head of products @Manzalab

Randy Brown

Virtual Heroes Division Manager @Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Agata Di Tommaso

Festivals manager @Diversion Cinema

Paul Bouchard

XR acquisitions & international distribution @Diversion cinema

Nicolas Barrial

Journalist, virtual reality enthusiast, virtual worlds evangelist

Daniel Colaianni

Chief Executive @Academy of International Extended Reality

Laurence Descamps


Gaetan Cerrillo

Head of Communication & Partnerships @Minsar

Maelys Jusseaux

Researcher and Technical Coordinator @Minsar

James Watson

Founder @XRTech Marketing

Dagnija Lejiņa

Cofounder and CEO @Digital Freedom Festival

Christophe Mallet

Co-founder @BODYSWAPS

Julien Bergounhoux

Editor in chief @L'usine Digitale

Vincent Percevault

Founder @G4F group

Mariana Brecht

Narrative designer @ARVORE Immersive Experiences

Antonio Squeo

Chief Innovation Officer @Hevolus Innovation

Gilles Baroin

Member @Society for Mathematic and Computation in Music and European Society for Mathematics and Arts

Kyle Rand

Cofounder & CEO @Rendever

Adrien Sadaka

CEO @Timescope

Fabrice Malaingre

Head of XR @Theoris

Mathieu Flaig

Co-Founder @SYSK

Stéphane Maguet

Head of innovation @We Are Social

Anna Valeri Jelezovskaia

Researcher and XR Design Ethicist

Daan Kip

Founder @The New Base

Eswar Anandapadmanaban

CEO @Tycho Reality|Director of Reality Hack|XR Designer

Hart Woolery

Founder @2020CV Inc

Sara Arlati

Researcher @ Institute of Intelligent Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing

Vera Colombo

Bioengineer, research fellow @CNR and PhD student at Politecnico di MilanoBioengineer, research fellow at CNR and PhD student @Politecnico di Milano

Danielle Giroux

Manager of Distribution and Publishing @Atlas V

Jeff Sebrechts

CEO / CTO @Numix

Marie-Julie Pecoult

Andy3D Remote Product Owner @Capgemini

Clément Pradel

Founder and CEO @Sagesse-Technologies

Jean Mariotte

Cofounder @EVA, Esport Virtual Arena

Philippe Boulanger

Global Keynote Speaker

Quentin Caron

Leader @Bambou and Quantum Reality Project

Melanie de Riberolles

New Business Director @Ubisoft

Luca Greci

Researcher @Italian National Research Council

Pierre Vercruysse

Sales Manager @Haption

Mariela Yeregui

Visual artist and Director of the Master in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts @NUTF

Julien Brun

Manager @Virtuality LATAM

Diego Jarak

Philosopher and Dean of the faculty of Arts & Humanities @La Rochelle University

Gabriel Gendin

Director of the innovation and technology transfer Department Arts of the Faculty of Art, Design and Cultural Sciences @National University of the Northeast

Stephanie Beaufort

Sales & Marketing Manager @b<>com

Mathieu Ducrot

Director Product Marketing, 5G & XR services @Orange

Antony Pinto

Senior Solutions Architect for Professional Visualization @NVIDIA

Krasi Nikolov

CEO @Quark XR

Morgan Bouchet

Innovation Director & Head of XR @Orange

Jessica Roude

New Generation Educator & Design Experience Producer

Mehdi Mejri

Digital Immersive Exhibitions Director @Atlas V

Mathías Chumino

Multimedia artist, director, editor and musician

Silvina Feraud

Cinematographic-audiovisual director, producer and scriptwriter

Juan Pablo Urgiles

Creative Director and Co Founder at Imán Transmedia.

Fernando Casal Picallo

Director @Trespé contenidos

Paula Orlando

Producer @Ecstasy Cine

Tatiana Oruste

Producer @Pez Dorado Creative Co

Rodolfo Abdías Arrascue Navas

Cofounder and Director @Casaluzfims

Gonzalo Paz

Co-creator @Sunflow

Alán González


Gabriel Pomeraniec

Director and Director of Photography

Sebastián González

CEO and founder @Maltrato Films

Marion Carré

Co-Founder and CEO @Ask Mona

Isabelle Rabier

Founder & CEO @Jolimoi and Dermance

Ivano Salonia

Art director & XR artist

Melvyn Bonnaffé

Artist & co-founder @NDA Paris

Noorie Mansour

International Business Developer @Light & Shadows

Jordan Richter

Chief Marketing Officer @Light & Shadows

Alexia Buclet

Head of Design @Minsar

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